Lotta Says 'NO!'

Lotta Says 'NO!'
Код товара: 3703683
ISBN: 9780192776297
Автор: Astrid Lindgren
Издательство: Oxford
1027 руб.
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Lotta - the original naughty little sister. Suitable for: Girls and boys of 6-8 years. Fans of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking books as well as series such as 'Horrid Henry', 'Rainbow Fairies', 'My Naughty Little Sister' and 'Just William'. Lotta is the little sister who can find trouble anywhere. Join in the fun as she and her young siblings get into all sorts of scrapes-from falling out of their neighbour's windows and running away on a train, to making their own pancake tree. Every day brings a funny new adventure!
ISBN 9780192776297
Автор: Astrid Lindgren
Издательство Oxford
Год издания 2020
Количество страниц 87
Переплет Мягкий
Язык издания Английский
Формат издания 130х200 мм
Возрастные ограничения 6+
Вес 0,100

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